Sean Blinn

Board President, Friends of the Jacobus Vander veer House, Bedminster NJ 2013

"Donna did extensive work for the Friends of the Jacobus Vanderveer House, of which I am President, and I could not be more satisfied with the results of her work.

Donna has an extensive knowledge of history and planning, and combines that with practical experience in what works. Over the course of the project, Donna provided excellent advice and specific work plans. She spent a considerable amount of time learning about the organization, its role in the community, mission, and background. Based on that, she developed custom reports, recommendations, and programs. Her recommendations are detailed, specific, and thoughtful.

Donna also took the time to train our core volunteers so they would be more effective and welcoming to our visitors. Her recommendations were practical, immediately useful, and made for a better experience both for everyone involved.

Her written work products are invariably outstanding, not just showing the results of her work, but presenting the research that goes into her work.

I can't recommend her highly enough!"

Janet Halsted

Executive Director, Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy, 2014

“Donna helped us in the planning stages  and also facilitated our workshop for the directors of publically accessible  Frank Lloyd Wright sites across the country. Because of her broad experience in many different roles in the preservation field she understood well the diversity of experiences offered by house museums, both large and small,  as well as the concerns of  sites with broader missions. Throughout she kept the discussions focused, useful and lively.

Patricia Blakely

Excutive Director The Merchants Fund 2011

"The Merchants Fund overhauled our grant making three years ago and it was time to reflect on our repurposed mission. Donna acted as the convener of our February 2011 Board meeting and led a rich discussion. She was excellent at making sure that everyone at the table had the opportunity to speak. We walked away with a better understanding of how our grant making hangs together as a unified work product. We have an intern from Drexel University this summer and we were able to articulate what we want to research and how to derive more information. If we need to refine our work then we will do it based on data and research. You know you have a great convener when the universal response is, “That was fun.”"

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