Why Arent you Asking for Year End Gifts webinar

Wisconsin Historical Society

In Sept 2018 we presented a 90 minute webinar on Why arent you askng for year end gifts for the Winconsin Historical Society Local History Webinar series. You can view the webinar here for free but you have to register first. there are lot os handouts.  the promotional literature is here too,

According to Charity Navigator, your history organization could be raising up to 40% of its donations during the last six weeks of the year through an effective Year End Appeal. This workshop will give you an overview and tools to implement a year-end campaign using both social and traditional media to seek support for the general operations of your historic site. This fast-paced session will outline a simple ten-step process to implement a campaign starting in mid-November until December 31. We will discuss how to create a realistic financial goal, prepare your website for online donations, sort mailing lists, create compelling stories and letters/emails, reinforce the campaign with appropriate PR, schedule and automate thank you letters, and prepare for the last push between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Participants will receive an extensive resource packet of materials including the slide deck, articles, calendar, and bibliography.