Waiting for People and Money Panel Discussion at AASLH


We were pleased to be invited to speak as part of a panel discussion during the AASLH conference with some long-time friends and colleagues, Max Van Balgooy of Engaging Places LLC in Maryland, Nina Zinarri of the Paul Revere House in Boston, and Alexandra Rasic, Homestead Museum, City of Industry, CA. All of the speakers contributed a chapter to the new Rowman and Littlefield Publishers’ Reimagining Historic House Museums: New Approaches and Proven Solutions, edited by Max Van Balgooy and Kenneth Turino. Our chapter is “The Essential Role of Boards in Reimaging House Museums.”

The panel discussion was called Waiting for People and Money and was organized as a talk show panel. We had no script or slides to show. Rather the conversation flowed from our moderator Max. The presentation was billed this way: “When house museums want to leap forward, wishful thinking isn’t enough. They need sufficient capacity and support to achieve their vision. We’ll explore three different but common approaches—the governing board, volunteers, and a major fundraising campaign—with an experienced director, mid-level program manager, and a national non-profit consultant.”  We offered a bibliography, which is available hereOrder the book here: