Succession Planning for Main Street Iowa

Main Street Iowa

Our longtime friends at Main Street Iowa are about to undergo staffing changes due to retirements. To prepare for these near and long term staffing changes, the Downtown Resource Center approached us to be part of a three day Resource Team in December 2011 to help them understand how these changes will impact the current reporting relationships (formal and informal), communications and technology issues for their state coordinating program. 

Our team interviewed each staff member, reviewed current position descriptions and staffing plans, and learned about hardware and software matters as they relate to staff communications both internal and external.  We created a list of recommendations for the staff including reporting relationships, new job descriptions, suggestions on technology upgrades and communication practices to better serve a 10 person office that is so highly regarded in the Main Street movement. We are confident that the same high quality services available now from this highly capable staff will continue in the future as the succession takes place.