Training for Emerging Preservation Leaders, Philadelphia PA

Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadlephia

In May and June of 2012, we provided a training program for the Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia for their Emerging Leaders program.  This effort, to identify the next generation of Board members and volunteers for preservation organizations for Philadelphia area history, heritage and preservation organizations, offered six evening training sessions.

We presented a session "Being a Board Member of a Preservation Organization." This presentation is here. 

We also supplied a list of materials that every prospective Board member should ask for before they join a preservation board or any nonprofit board for that matter.

Finally we supplied a handy check off form to be used for board members to identify the many tasks they can undertake to support fundraising activities for any nonprofit organization.

As part of this presentation, we took the Emerging Leaders class on "a tour" of a typical nonprofit monthly financial statement, an IRS 990 informational tax return form, and an audit for a nonprofit corporation. The purpose of these tours, was to provide prospective board members with a basic understanding of these nonprofit management tools and their significance to any board member's obligation and their duty of care.

We also facilitated a panel of board members speaking about their experience serving on nonprofit boards in the area.

Please contact us if you wish to learn more about this training or if it might be useful for your organization.