Strategic Planning Symposium Charnley Norwood House

Mississippi Department of Archives & History

Designed by Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright in 1890

Heritage Consulting Inc. organized and hosted a day and a half long Strategic Planning Symposium held on June 27-28, 2013 in Ocean Springs, Mississippi for this newly restored vacation cottage built by Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright in 1890 for Chicago lumber baron James Charnley.  We selected and invited three well-known architects, preservationists and architectural historians, all familiar with Wright and Sullivan to serve on a panel and provide advice to the Mississippi Department of Archives and History (SHPO), who was the convener of the Symposium, and the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources, the property's owner.

Our report included a narrative about the event itself and the presentations made by the distinguished Panel Members invited to provide advice on future ownership, management and use for the property.  Heritage Consulting Inc. also provided an extensive memo which outlined options for ownership, management, the educational programming at the site, as well as a series of cost estimates for opening the site for public visitation on a limited basis. The various organizations and agencies interested in the building’s future are reviewing their options now. 

Panel Members left to right:  Ken Turino, Dr. Emily Cooperman, John Thorpe, Lolly Barnes, Ken P'Pool, Donna Ann Harris


Views of interior and exterior of the Charnley Norwood House 2013

The  Charnley-Norwood House is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, as a contributing building in the Sullivan-Charnley Historic District.  Learn more about the Symposium here.