Organizational Growth and Change in Tacony

Tacony Community Development Corporation Philadelphia PA

We have worked with the Tacony Community Development Corporation since 2012 when they began their commercial corridor work on Torresdale Avenue in Northeast Philadelphia. This organization has seen tremendous growth and development in their corridor in the last seven years. More than half of the 65 storefronts have been rehabilitated, and they have grown small holiday festivals into family friendly events with more than 2000 area residents. Most of the homes that were bank-owned during the Great Recession have been rehabbed and sold to new families. In less than five years, the cost of a rehabbed house has increased almost $80,000, a testament to the hot real estate market there. In light of the successes in Tacony of their commercial district work, we were asked to speak at a board meeting in August about the implications of organizational growth and change. Our aim was to highlight the next phase of their Main Street organizational development—the Management phase and to understand what tasks are needed to press forward with their continued revitalization efforts.   

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