North Fifth Street Revitalization Project Strategic Plan Complete

North Fifth Street Revitalization Project, Olney Philadlephia PA

Over the past six months, we worked as a consultant to the North Fifth Street Revitalization Project, which manages a 1.5 mile-long commercial corridor in Olney.  Serving the broader neighborhood in the most linguistically diverse zip code in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, this traditional shopping district now has less than 10% vacancy. . Our assignment was to help renew their organizational infrastructure to power future growth after almost ten years of work. An Advisory Board was created and working committees of merchants and residents were organized to implement projects of interest to both the Olney businesses and residential community. We provided a wide range of services: wrote a copy for a new website, lead a SWOT workshop, prepared new job descriptions, assisted in work plan development, and hosted committee and Advisory Board meetings. The capstone was a first-ever Strategic Plan and budget for 2016 describing the preferred future for the commercial district. We are expecting some great things in Olney We are expecting some great things in Olney