Understanding the 21st Century Volunteer Presentation

We were delighted to return to Delaware County PA in March 2014 to run a workshop called “Understanding the 21st Century Volunteer.” Our blurb about the presentation was this:

Throughout the last century and a half, the preservation movement has relied on dedicated and selfless volunteers to save and interpret our past for the public.  Today, across the United States and in Delaware County PA, historic sites and local historical societies are still highly dependent on volunteer labor to plan and implement educational activities.  Volunteers work on projects to build public support, interpret historic sites, and maintain buildings, collections, and archives for residents and visitors alike. Without these volunteers, much of our heritage would be lost.

This two-hour workshop is designed for historic sites, historical societies, and preservation organizations that want to understand today’s volunteer and their needs. We will discuss current volunteer trends nationwide, new ways to recruit a diverse group of helpers, how to orient and train them for their work, and tips to recognize and thank them appropriately so they will want to volunteer again for your organization.  We will share insights about recruiting volunteers from online sources and do an individual exercise about creating interesting volunteer job descriptions. We will supply handouts, a CD with articles, sample documents, check lists, and a bibliography for each organization that attends.  We enjoy talking about volunteer recruitment to all sorts of organizations and are happy to help you find helpers who can advance your mission as volunteers. Contact us for more information.