Two sessions at Des Moines Main Street Conference

We will be seeing all of our old friends and making many new ones at the National Trust Main Street Center conference later this month in Des Moines IA starting on May 20.  We will be attending state coordinator training to brush up and the annual Illinois State Dinner on Monday night during the conference.

I am presenting a session on Monday at 2:00 on Your New Board Policies Courtesy of the IRS. Here is a brief summary of the talk. Recently the Internal Revenue Service completely redesigned the IRS 990 informational tax return form. The 990 form now collects much more information about nonprofit governance practices than ever before.  Main Street organizations need to understand these expansive and highly technical changes and what information must be submitted to meet IRS concerns. As part of the session, we will review the check list that IRS examiners use when they undertake a governance audit of nonprofit organizations.  Discussion will center on pertinent IRS 990 form questions, definitions and new policies your board will need to enact. You will take home a bibliography to identify where to obtain these policies and documents you need to bring your organization into compliance.

Later in the conference I am presenting another session on Wednesday morning only for the state coordinators called Surviving a Financial Crisis: Strategies that Work. This is what I will be talking about at that session.

Are your local Main Street programs suffering from government budget cuts? This workshop will help state Main Street staff to work effectively with programs undergoing budget cuts from government or other sources. We will share 75 different strategies for downtown organizations to master twin goals: to expand revenue sources quickly while cutting expenses. We will also discuss ways to boost cash flow and make a compelling case for support to weather the storm. Please drop by and say hello if you are in  Des Moines IA.