This blog makes the list

Requests for information are like a well. You drop your information down the well, and then have no idea what happens to it. But sometimes something does come from sending your information down the road.

Last month Priya Chhaya, a program associate in the Partnerships Office of the National Trust for Historic Preservation put out a request over Twitter, LinkedIn and the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Facebook page about people using blogs in preservation to get their message out.

What Priya found was a good cross section of the blogsphere in general. Preservation people are using blogs to advocate, inform, network, raise money, and tell stories about places that matter. She says that this new technology allows the interested public to “to follow the latest case studies, best practices, and trends in the field. Job seekers, too, find these tools are great ways to keep up with the larger preservation world. But one tool in particular — a blog —  is one of the best ways to stay current with what is happening in preservation.”

We are delighted that Heritage Consulting Inc.’s blog is included in her article Ten Ways to Make Blogs Work for You.  See the whole article in the career section of the Trust’s web site Thanks!

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