Survey Results Posted—Diversify Your Revenue: a Workshop for BIDS

On Wed. October 5, 2011 we are presenting a half day workshop for the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission about a favorite topic Diversify Your Revenue: A workshop for Business Improvement Districts. This session is now filled to capacity.

The survey was sent to 85 business improvement districts, Main Street organizations and commercial corridor organizations in the Delaware Valley and other bordering counties.  The survey was open for four weeks, and we got a 15% response rate.  The survey results are available here. Survey Responses DVRPC BID-SID survey

We also prepared more detailed charts of the results of specific survey questions dealing with the variety of current revenue sources and the major concerns facing survey respondents.  Find this chart here. BID SID Handout revenue concerns.

If you are interested in seeing a copy of the PowerPoint presentation please contact us for a complimentary copy.

Here is the promotional literature about the event

Diversify Your Revenue: A Workshop for SIDs and BIDs

This half-day workshop will assist existing Special Improvement Districts and Business Improvement Districts working in downtowns and commercial corridors in the region to diversify their revenue sources.  SIDs/BIDs today are pressed, as never before, to offer their ongoing clean and safe efforts, retain existing businesses and grow others in their district and promote the downtown with ever dwindling resources.  This workshop will focus on proven revenue generating strategies for small and midsized BIDs/SIDs in the region.

Before the workshop, the presenter will circulate a brief survey to all invitees to gather information about current revenue sources of SIDs/BIDs in the region and key issues about fundraising.  We will use the survey results to hone the agenda.

During the workshop, we expect to speak about boosting sponsorship and special event income, expanding contributed revenue especially from fundraising events and discuss a wide variety of earned income opportunities.  Our emphasis will be on intermediate level revenue opportunities that the organization controls rather than grants and government support.  During our morning together, we will do one short group exercise, and end with Top Ten Tips. We’ll  take questions throughout the program. After the workshop, we will have a Dutch treat lunch and take a behind the scenes tour of our host’s downtown district.  Participants will receive a Resource Packet including a CD of templates, forms, articles and work plans to help you increase earned and contributed revenue when you return from the workshop.

Learning objectives

  1. Learn about typical revenue sources for SIDS/BIDs in the region from a pre- workshop survey by the presenter
  2. Understand why SIDs/BIDs should have diverse funding stream of both contributed and earned revenue, especially revenue the organization controls.
  3. Gain detailed knowledge about how to implement or expand existing sponsorship, special event and fundraising events geared to downtown organizations.


8:30     Coffee and pastries

9:00     Welcome and introductions around the room

9:10     Trends in budget cuts for downtown organizations nationwide; why diverse revenue sources for existing SIDs/BIDs make sense; results of SID/BID revenue survey; typical revenue sources of SIDs/BIDs today;  ideal revenue mixes pie charts; where does contributed money come from today?

9:40     Why focus on revenue YOU control?  Common earned income sources for SID/BIDs in the region.

9:55     Special Events; adding component parts to existing events to boost revenue

10:35   Sponsorship; review sponsorship benefits; creating a year-long sponsorship program

11:05   Signature Fundraising Events; deciding which ones makes sense; location; adding component parts to existing fundraising events to boost revenue

11:45   Review and Q & A

12:15  Adjourn for lunch at a local restaurant

1:30     Behind the scenes tour of host downtown

3:00     Depart for home

The DVRPC flyer and sign up information is here which has an agenda. We will have lunch and then a tour of downtown Collingswood NJ.

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