Speaking in MO, MN and NJ in August

We will be presenting at three different state Main Street programs in August.  Here is information about each talk.

Missouri Main Street

Get Plugged In is the title of the annual conference of Missouri Main Street Connection to be held on August 10-12 in St. Louis. Here is their promotional literature.

Keeping Former Board Members Involved

Board members rotating off your board are an often overlooked resource for many Main Street organizations. This workshop discusses a variety of methods, both formal and informal, to retain past Board members' accumulated wisdom and good feelings about the organization so they can be further mined for the good of the organization. We will discuss some recent research and best practices for retaining the hearts of these good-natured people who have nobly served the local Main Street organization over the years. This workshop includes one group exercise, a 30 page resource packet of information including articles, forms and a bibliography.

What are My Responsibilities as a Board Member & How to Keep the Program in Compliance With the IRS?

Recently the IRS completely redesigned the IRS 990 informational tax return form to collect much more information about nonprofit governance practices. Main Street organizations need to understand these expansive and highly technical changes and what information must be submitted. We will review the pertinent IRS 990 form questions and definitions, and provide sample policies and documents so that you understand the IRS concerns and be able to bring your organization into compliance. This workshop includes group discussion and a CD containing sample policies you can use when you get home.

Need More Funding? It's all here: Creating new fundraisers and getting the most from a membership drive.

This workshop shows you how to develop relationships with individuals, primarily residents, who can support your local Main Street program over the years. We will begin with a review of membership program mechanics and how to retain the members you have currently by running an efficient renewal campaign. Several methods will be discussed about securing more money from your current members. The second half of the workshop will focus on developing new fundraising events for different seasons and audiences to provide cash flow throughout the year. There will be one group exercise, a resource packet of materials and a bibliography available on CD.

Basic Training Organization

This 3.5 hour training is for novices and those new to the Main Street Four Point Approach™. It touches on the origin of the Main Street movement, the eight principles of Main Street and what the four committees do. We will discuss how to start a local nonprofit organization to organize the work of the downtown effort, and who should be invited to serve. Time will be spent discussing the roles of each of the committees and typical first year projects they undertake. Building and initial budget and pledge campaign will compete the session. We will do three group activities during the session to help you learn more about Main Street operates.

Minnesota Main Street

Recently reorganized, the Minnesota Main Street is starting off with a big splash with Advanced Basic Training in Red Wing MN on August 18. Donna is presenting with others from the National Trust Main Street Center and Wisconsin Main Street. Here this their promotional literature.

Advanced Organization Basic Training

In this 3 hour presentation we will discuss organizational issues related to Board and nonprofit management, volunteers, diversifying your revenue sources and communication tools and methods. We will talk about the recent changes to the IRS 990 informational tax return, how to update mission and vision statements, working with boards to increase organizational capacity and an introduction to program based budgeting. In the afternoon we will discuss what exactly the Organization Committee does. Finally we will focus on volunteer recruitment techniques, methods to diversify revenue sources and the many ways using traditional and new media that local Main Street programs must communicate with the public

Main Street New Jersey

We are delighted to be presenting again at the Main Street New Jersey Downtown Revitalization and Management Institute, held in Trenton NJ on August 17. We will be co presenting with Ron Emrich of Preservation New Jersey. Learn more about DRMI here.

Practical Preservation:  Carrot and stick approaches for preserving your downtown's character

Has your downtown signage run amuck? Is stucco taking over your district? This session will focus on tools and strategies to preserve the uniqueness of your downtown. This talk is one part of the Design series for the annual Downtown Revitalization and Management Institute of Main Street New Jersey. Ron Emrich of Preservation New Jersey will be focusing on the role historic preservation plays in downtown revitalization. Donna will focus on the practical aspects of developing local incentive programs, and other assistance to property owners who seek to restore and rehabilitate their downtown buildings. We hope to see you on the road!