Safety Day at Bartram’s Garden

 Our work during the year to assist Historic Bartram’s Garden in Southwest Philadelphia to create a Preservation Plan has had several components. Our first task was to create Bartram's Garden’s first Cyclical Maintenance Plan which included a detailed building by building monthly maintenance checklist in the form of a spreadsheet, floor plans, a maintenance manual and emergency contact list. We encouraged the staff to also consider sponsoring a “Safety Day” meant to involve the entire administrative and visitor services staff in developing emergency evacuation procedures.

Interior of John Bartram's House The local Fire Marshall did an initial review to make sure there were no fire or emergency hazards (there were none), and in November, the entire staff met to review the new emergency contact list, lock up procedures and the emergency salvage priorities created by the site's Curator. As we walked through each building, we noted the location of all fire extinguishers, security and emergency equipment and finished the morning with a fire drill led by the Fire Marshall.

 For most historic sites, disaster preparedness is part of their ongoing risk management for the site. If you need help to create these kinds of reports and procedures for your historic site, please contact us to learn more.