Rescheduled! August 2 Iowa Main Street hosts Fundraising Symposium in DesMoines

Update!  This training session has been postponed due to the snow storm. I will be in Des Moines on August 2. More information to come.

On February 2 August 2 I will be participating in a Fund raising Symposium hosted by Iowa Main Street in Des Moines IA. 

This seminar is being presented by four highly regarded Main Street fund raising trainers and each of us is presenting to a small group of similar sized Main Street organizations. I am presenting to Main Street towns with populations between 5,000 and 25,000. Most of these towns have long standing downtown programs, but some are new to downtown revitalization.

The agenda for my presentation is below.

10:00-10:45        Getting your board more comfortable with fundraising: Taking stock of who does fundraising now in your organization; friendraising– how everyone can help with some aspect of fundraising. Defining and assessing fundraising types of people: Newly initated fundraisers; Cultivators; Solicitors. Creating jobs for each kind of person. Individual exercise: Individual board members which type are they? How to make better use of their time in the fundraising process.

10:45-noon     How to ask people for money: Types of fundraising campaigns; component parts of prospecting for and securing larger gifts from individuals; learning about the 5 component parts to “the ASK”; strategies for handling donor objections;  review of likely responses to fundraising pitches (yes, no, not ready);  Small group exercise: role play for a fundraising solicitation for an large gift for an Investor (annual gift) drive.

Noon to 1       Lunch

1:00-2:30         Research the multiple sources of funds available for  revitalization activities;  quickly review the 7 traditional revenue sources for local Main Street organization operating  budgets. Why many sources of funding create more sustainable organizations. Audience shout out, identify additional revenue source ideas on flip charts (type up and distribute the master list after the event). What revenue sources on the list the organization completely controls (shout out).  Small group exercise: determine how many sources of revenue your organization has today and how to grow existing revenue sources, and identify new ones. Identifying the methods of solicitation for each type of revenue source.

2:30-3:15         Assessing, re purposing and upgrading existing fundraising materials, creating new materials for operating budget projects. Review checklist of materials to have available as electronic documents for fundraising purposes;  identifying funds or in-kind services to create fundraising materials. Small group exercise:  critiquing a variety of fundrasing materials to be handed out. What is a case statement and three elements of a case statement, will you need one for your fundraising projects?

3:15-3:45         Your Fundraising Plan– Discuss the component parts, and show some examples. Link funding to strategic planning goals:  Role of the strategic plan in fundraising;  how to integrate a fundraising plan with your annual work plan. Establishing fundraising goals for each of the strategic plan activities for the life of the strategic plan (minimum 3 years). Group exercise: review worksheet for summary fundraising plan.

3:45-4:00          Tying it all together: First steps towards creating your fundraising plan

I am looking forward to working again with my many old friends at Iowa Main Street next week.