Powerful Public Partnerships talk in Oklahoma City

Next week at the 2010 Oklahoma City National Trust Main Street Center, I am excited to be speaking on a panel with two good friends about Powerful Public Partnerships.  I have had a major episode in my career  working with elected officials in an advocacy stance. I wanted to bring more attention to advocacy as an ongoing activity that all state-wide and local Main Street organizations must undertake.

Most recently Timothy Bishop pulled off an amazing feat to get Washington State legislature to move the one remaining staff member of the state Main Street program into a new agency and find additional money to keep the program  alive. Timothy will be telling this heroic story as part of our panel discussion on Wednesday May 5, 2010 at 10:30 AM.  Learn about it on the Facebook Page he created and grew to over 800 fans in less than a month –Supporting Main Street in Washington State.

My story about the severe budget cut to the Illinois Main Street program in 2002 has been chronicled in two articles I wrote for Main Street News in January 2005.  The articles are posted here.  

We will be providing general advice about working with elected officials at all levels of government, based on our own experiences.