New workshop:Powerful Public Partnerships:  Connecting Main Street to Elected Officials

I will be presenting a new workshop at the upcoming National Trust Main Street Center conference in Oklahoma City in May, 2010. This workshop is part of my work on Advanced Organization Academy (see more at

Powerful Public Partnerships:  Connecting Main Street to Elected Officials

Even as most state government budgets are hurting and federal coffers offer little programmatic support for downtown revitalization, we must continue to cultivate and advocate to our elected officials at the state, county and federal levels.  If you are new to advocacy or an old hand, I will share some success stories illustrating how and why long-term relationships with elected officials are necessary, beneficial and potentially lucrative for support of Main Street projects, state legislation and state program budgets.

I will be sharing my experiences working with both local, county and state governments begin and enhance these critical relationships over time.  A local Main Street manager will be joining me on the panel.

I have had my own experiences with statewide officials. They were chronicled in two  Main Street News articles in January 2004 “A Valiant Effort” and “Lessons Learned from Illinois Main Street.”   If you would like a copy of these articles please contact me directly.  Better yet, come see me s in Oklahoma City at the National Trust Main Street Center Conference in May, 2010.

To learn more about Advanced Organization Academy, contact me directly or visit the blog noted above.