New Jersey Historic Preservation Conference PowerPoint Presentation on state policy responses posted

I am delighted to be speaking at the annual New Jersey Historic Preservation Conference this year at Ryder College on Thursday June 7, 2102.  The conference title is Sustaining our Past, Inventing the Future.  Our session this year is an abbreviated version of the presentation we made with our clients, the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency at the 2011 American Association for State and Local History annual meeting held in Richmond VA.  

Our session is at 3-4:15 pm and is entitled "Stewardship Solutions for New Jersey’s State-Owned Parks and Historic Sites."  It is being moderated by Daniel SaundersAdministrator, Historic Preservation Office.  We will be joined by Steve Ellis of the Northern Regional Superintendent, New Jersey Division of Parks and Forestry. He will also describe some innovative projects being undertaken in his park region.   In New Jersey we will be talking about a small handful of the case studies we developed during the 2010 grant funded project by the Jeffris Heartland Fund of the Midwest Regional Office of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.  My portion of the session is about Policy Responses for State Owned Historic Sites.

We will be discussing three broad topics:  

A. Expanding Revenue 
B. Reducing Expenses
C. Restructuring Operations     

Under Expanding Revenue we will talk about Statewide Sponsorships for Parks, and will high light interesting work being done in California.  For the section on Restructuring Operations we will discuss Reduced Operating Hours & Site Closures in Pennsylvania, and how Resident Curator programs are working in several East Coast states. Under Reducing Expenses we will talk about Local Partner Agreements as they are developed in Ohio and privatization, a case study on the work being done in California with long term concession agreements.     

The PowerPoint presentation  for our portion of the presentation is here.   NJHP Policy Responses for State Owned Historic Sites Presentation  

Here is the blurb about the conference session.    

State owned parks and historic sites around the country face deep economic challenges. In 2010, the National Trust for Historic Preservation named America’s state-owned historic sites and parks among the 11 “most endangered” historic places in the nation  In New Jersey, DEP Commissioner Bob Martin said, “Our parks and historic sites are very expensive to run. At the same time, they are enjoying great popularity and the total acreage of land the system manages continues to grow. To ensure the long–term viability of the parks, we are adopting a new approach that will focuses on revenue production, operational excellence and partnering with corporations, nonprofits and foundations that will allow us to bring in new revenues, add exciting new programs and ventures, and enable the State to better focus on protection and management of extensive natural and historic resources.”  Panelists will discuss the state of parks funding in New Jersey and nationally, to get an overview of the scope and scale of the problem. A discussion of issues and solutions that other states use, and how they might be applied in New Jersey will follow. Finally there will be case studies that help to illuminate what is working, what we are learning, and what steps we might take to make it easier to protect and preserve our parks and historic sites.

If you go to the conference, please say HI! Please contact us with your questions.