Event Life Cycles: The Power of Analysis presentation

Fundraising Product Life Cycle chart

In May, I will be presenting a session at the National Trust Main Street Center’s annual conference in Oklahoma City called Event Life Cycles: The Power of Analysis. 

Special events and fundraising events support revitalization organizations and give reasons for people to visit the downtown. The genesis of the workshop comes from working with local downtown organizations that spend years developing fundraising and special events without understanding that these events have predictable life cycles. We will discuss how events change over time, as the organization learns to organize them to maximize revenue. As organizations become increasingly dependent on these events for income, we need to predict (to the extent we are able) their income potential through simple analysis. We will explore how to analyse  events to help you judge whether to invest in an event or start a new one  instead.

This session will teach you about traditional product life cycles and the Boston Consulting Group’s Matrix and how to use it to understand Main Street events. Attendees will get handouts containing charts and assessment tools that they can use tomorrow to assess how their events are doing and actions to take if the event is starting to slip in its revenue projections. We will do two short exercises during the session that you can complete when you get home.

Contact us if you would like to know more about this workshop.