Oakland County Heritage Conference handouts

This past week I spoke for twenty minutes, five times, so that all the attendees at the annual Heritage Conference put on by the Oakland County planning and Community Development Services division could hear all five of the speakers they had lined up.  This was a very different format than I was used to, as I have given this talk before in a variety of formats:  all day, half day, 1.25 hours and now it got boiled down to 20 minutes of the most salient features. 

My topic, one of my favorites, is diversifying revenue sources.  I spoke about the three revenue sources that all nonprofits completely control:  membership/annual gifts; fundraising events and sponsorships.  What I mean completely control is that the organization controls the amount of effort put into the activity and can thus reap the rewards of their efforts.

Here is the handout from that event. The handout has the Powerpoint presentation, several bibliographies and a sample membership brochure  from the Main Street Program in Cheyenne Wyoming and year long sponsorship brochure that I particularly like from Boonton (NJ) Main Street. I use these two examples because they the best I have seen lately from Main Street organizations. 

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