Design Guidelines for Georgetown DE completed

A small town in southern Delaware, Georgetown is just starting the downtown revitalization journey. Here is what our client has to say about the project.

“The Georgetown (Delaware) East Market Street business district has been struggling for years – vacant buildings, poor signage, and improper maintenance of building exteriors.  Working with Heritage Consulting, Town representatives, and interested citizens, a comprehensive Design Standards document was developed.  

Our focus was clear: making the East Market Street Business Area attractive; creating a sense of place – where people gather and enjoy the downtown; and fostering a “Welcome Home” feeling – for residents and visitors alike.  The final product combined with smart business development, appropriate marketing, quality branding and a welcoming presentation, all work together to maintain the integrity and vitality of our downtown.

Donna and her team were a pleasure to work with and brought extensive knowledge to the process.  This is a first class document and will be used for many years to come.”  See the Georgetown Design Guidelines here.