Delco Public History Project called innovative

Gearing up for the 2011 Preservation Achievement Awards on May 17, 2011 sponsored by the Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia, we got a nice shout out from John Andrew Gallery of the Alliance today in the article in Plan Philly about our Public History project for the Delaware County Planning Department.

Alan Jaffe of Plan Philly wrote “Some of the more unusual award winners this year did not involve the preservation of real estate projects. “One of the most interesting was the Delaware County Public History Feasibility Study and Implementation Plan,” Gallery said. “The county was trying to take an overview of what are the really important things that they need to preserve. It was a public sector, community-initiated planning strategy. It would be nice to do that here in Philadelphia sometime. We gave them an award because it really is the type of work by a public agency that sets up the priorities for preservation of historic resources on a fairly large scale.”

We could not be more pleased.  Learn more about the Public History Project from the Delaware County Planning Department web site. See the report  there too if you are interested in reading about our work.