Big Belly Trash Cans go Whimsical

The Big Belly trash cans placed all around the City about two years ago have undergone a makeover, at least in my neighborhood.

        The ubiquitous brown hulking trash cans powered by a solar panel on the top of the boxy metal street object, have been painted by the City’s Mural Arts Program along South Street in the 10 and 11 hundred blocks.

Big Belly trash and recycling cans compact every day litter from pedestrians and they are positioned on corners and mid-blog on some of the heavily pedestrian commercial corridors around town.

The newly rethought cans, are artist designed murals of whales, sea creatures and other whimsical animals.  They are a vast improvement to the standard Big Belly square metal street object we see all around town. They are fun and colorful.

Nice work!  More please!