An Ideal Membership Brochure

In my trainings on fund raising for Main Street organizations and for small history organizations, I am often asked to show  the best membership brochure I can find.  While I am sure one has passed through my hands at some point in the past, I never seem to have one on hand when I need one/.

My colleague Alexander Balloon worked with me to develop an ideal membership brochure for a fictious Main Street organization and for a historic site.

Both of these have similar component parts, in that they discuss the goals and future of the organization, describe the major projects of the group, and offer a tear off panel where the member puts contact information.

An Ideal Membership Brochure

Both of these membership brochures are constructed using the component parts that I recommend in my article Make More Money From Members, published by Main Street News in August 2008.  

I am attaching an excerpt from the article which goes into a bit more detail  on 7 Simple Ways to Make More Money from Members. 7 easy ways to Make More Money From Members from the article from Main Street news 

Let me know what you think.